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Late Thursday Inspiration: An Inconvenient Sequel

“Don’t let anyone tell you that we are going to get on rocket ships and live on Mars”! This is a line passionately delivered by Ex Vice President Al Gore who found his calling as Steward of The Earth or Keeper of the Realm. Check out the environmental work that The Climate Reality Project is…

A little late Wednesday inspiration

Another tear jerker: “An amazing example of how raw human power can move mountains… save lives in this case…by joining together in mass towards a common selfless goal”   -Lynn      

Tuesday Inspiration! As the GOP tries to effectively persuade it’s base to pass Trump care after the 4th of July weekend, the question that arises for me is- how will our nation deal with the staggering number of uninsured Americans if this bill should pass? Will charities need to step in for the 22 million people…

Monday Inspiration!

There’s a lot of talk about celebrating women these days – at least theoretically. Well today, we are via the newly released 30 Under 30 courtesy of Forbes: Shiza Shahid is creating lasting systemic change along side the founder, Malala Yousafzai, of the organization she represents, The Malala Fund. Long live strong women – may…

Friday Inspiration!

  Here is an amazing article from our C.E.O Napoleon!

Wednesday Inspiration!

A beautiful example of music inspiring a dance and bringing even more meaning back to the song.  Here’s to GIVITS coming #summerdancechallenge and all the inspiration and meaning it will bring to life!     -lynn

Tuesday #GIVIT Inspiration!

Today is World Refugee Day. Check out one of many UNHCR sponsored concert events honoring those who are forced to flee their homes due to violence, persecution and conflict. One CNN journalist is calling the situation, “the WORST refugee crisis in history”.  There are over 65 million refugees worldwide. Millions live in makeshift camps that…

Tuesday Inspiration!

How wonderful to attend the Care Concert at the Palace Theater on Saturday night. The ‘No One Sings Alone’ event was hosted by the lovely and conscientious Kelly Osbourne and featured key musicians such as Grammy Award winner Florence LaRue and song-writer Jack Tempchin best known for the Eagles classic “Peaceful Easy Feeling”.  This high…

Monday Inspiration!

The new celebrity of the last 5 years, the Influencer, has now foraged into the land of GOOD. Check out how these Influencers are using their platform to raise awareness about causes that matter – something we do with Influencers of all kinds of GIVIT. This feature in Forbes takes a gander at top Influencers…