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CHANGEmakers: Gina Rodriguez

The Golden Globe winning star of Jane The Virgin is passionate about giving back and giving opportunities in the arts to people who don’t have them. She started “Movement Mondays” on her social media pages to highlight and support the Latino community.

“With all this Oscar Talk and lack of diversity I decided to start a movement and speak from the perspective of a Latina American who desires to see more Latinos on screen. There are 55 million Latinos in this country and although we all come from various backgrounds our unity can make a movie explode at the box office or a tv show sore to the highest viewers possible,” she wrote on Instagram. “The better these projects do financially, the more money they will spend on putting Latinos In blockbuster films, as leads in tv shows Etc. My solution is this, support is needed.”

She believes strongly that every voice can make a difference. She’s encouraging everyone to use their voices and their money to talk about, buy tickets to, demand more diversity in tv, film, music, and art in general at all levels.

Gina is also behind the We Will Foundation. The foundation “designed to focus on arts education and scholarship funding for the less fortunate, with the aim of empowering young women.” Although it’s still in the early stages of development We Will Foundation recently donated $10,000 to the Westside Family Health Clinic and $10,000 to the Mar Vista School Enrichment Group for dance classes.

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