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CSR in 2017

Tyler Butler, Former Director of CSR at GoDaddy, has some insightful thoughts on what is to come in 2017 in the CSR space.

“You can expect to see more large-scale campaigns in 2017 and beyond that leverage their company products to help their local communities. One great example of this is Subaru’s Drive the Love campaign. This campaign offers a $250 donation to one of a few select, well-respected charities with each Subaru purchase and also ties the campaign to the iconic song by Jackie DeShannon, Put a Little Love in Your Heart. You can expect to see more companies taking CSR to heart and sharing funds earned from their products and services in an effort to gain a more positive sentiment for their brand while also making the world a better place. Other companies who have successfully paid it forward based on customer purchases include Toms Shoes, People Water, Amazon, and PetSmart.

Also expect to see more employee activation. Companies now realize that there is a huge opportunity to scale their philanthropic efforts through empowering their employees. Whether it’s through volunteerism or matching donations and volunteer grants, there are several ways to mobilize a huge army for good by allocating a small portion of the company’s philanthropic resources to their employees so that they can, in turn, support their own charities of choice. One great example of a company giving employees significant time off dedicated to volunteerism is Timberland. This company provides their employees with 40 hours each year to use for volunteer work. The norm has been 16 hours to 24 hours in the past, but companies see these programs as drivers for millennial recruiting and are consequently enhancing their programs.

Expect to see more industry-wide initiatives such as the one being spearheaded by the TechForce Foundation. This foundation is bringing together transportation giants such as Nissan, Carquest, Shell, SnapOn, Advance Auto Parts and Bridgestone / Firestone to address the transportation tech-talent pipeline shortage that is greatly impacting their industry. FutureTech Success will launch in early 2017 and will showcase the best of joining forces bringing in education leaders like Iridescent Learning and Skills USA to deepen the impact of this effort and create a full experience by engaging youth in hands on at-home activities and challenges. With a lack of educated, trained and qualified transportation techs in the US, our country is at risk of a huge economic shortfall if this issue isn’t addressed quickly.

Cause-marketing campaigns will be an on-going trend in 2017. A great example of this marketing strategy is the Zappos campaign “Home for the Pawlidays.” In this campaign, Zappos covered the adoption fee of any pet selected from an ASPCA shelter during a pre-selected time frame. The campaign brought awareness to the issue of pet overpopulation while earning Zappos a ton of positive sentiment and helping shelters throughout the US during the harsh winter months when pet surrender rates are elevated.”

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