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CHANGEmakers: Ashton Kutcher

Most people know Ashton Kutcher as the witty, funny good looking actor from That 70s Show, Dude Where’s My Car and of course Punk’d. What most people don’t know is that Ashton is a passionate advocate against human sex trafficking and exploitation of children. He created a foundation called Thorn to fight against such atrocities. Thorn develops and uses advanced technologies to “detect and deter sex trafficking.” He is able to make a huge impact not just using his platform as a super star and vast social media reach but also by running large campaigns, testifying to Congress and even going so far as to assist the FBI in tracking missing persons feared to have been sold into the sex trade.

You can watch Ashton’s testimony urging Congress to act on ending modern slavery -> here


Outspoken, passionate and not backing down, Ashton tweets social resources and words of encouragement daily to his 17.8 million twitter followers. One thing is for sure, whether you love or hate his goofy, sometimes pretty boy acting style; Ashton is leading by example and hopefully encouraging other individuals with worldwide platforms to take the steps they can to ignite positive social change.





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