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CHANGEmakers: America Ferrera

Activists Inspiring Change:  America Ferrera

America Ferrera got her start on the Disney Channel almost ten years ago starring alongside her close friends in a feel-good movie Gotta Kick It Up and later on the iconic “Ugly Betty” and “Superstore” series.  However, after pursuing her degree, America became deeply entrenched in activism and almost quit her acting career in order to be a source of help and betterment in the world. Thankfully, a very close professor to her proposed that maybe she could use her platform as an actress to create real impact both in her community but also to the country and maybe to the world. Using examples such as America’s film Real Women Have Curves, her professor argued that she was already making a huge impact on the groups she cared most about: women and marginalized peoples. Now, she is doing that and even more!


Timing being as it is, America now acts as a liaison and celebrity correspondent focusing on immigration issues and reform in the network EPIX cable channels series entitled “America Divided”. We can only hope to see more amazing acts of activism and social innovation from America in the future!





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